Something Is NOT Always Better than Nothing

In the land of citations, something is not always better than nothing. This is especially true when it comes to citations that contain missing or incorrect information.

As you have undoubtedly read before, all citations need to be consistent and competitive in order to return the highest Local search ranking possible.

So, you have done some research into your business’ existing online business directory submissions. You have discovered that many of your existing citations are incorrect or incomplete. Can incorrect and incomplete citations be repaired? Is this something I can do myself? How does the repair process begin? These are all questions that can be running through your mind.

Incorrect and incomplete citations can be repaired. While it technically can be done by yourself, it is a very tedious process that can be quite time-consuming. Most business owners find that they do not have the time required to follow the process all the way through. The majority of business owners will reach out to local business listings submission services for assistance for repair incorrect and incomplete citations as well as creating new citations.

At Citation Building Group, we approach the repair of existing citations in a very methodical process. Our expert team knows that not every directory handles repairs the same and their particular methods must be used correctly. For the most basic repair, we will claim the incorrect listing for you, make the necessary corrections and add any additional information that will further enhance your listing. For those repairs that require additional steps, we will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that your listing is correct and complete. Some directories require contact with the owner of the business, but don’t worry we always let the owner know who needs to be contacted and how the contact is to occur- either email or phone.

It can’t be stressed enough that the best ranking results come from citations that are complete and consistent. Even a couple of incorrect citations can devalue 100’s correct ones. The best way to ensure that all of your business’ citations are consistent is to hire a local business listings submission service that has expertise in citation repair.