How it Works? Our Citation Building Process

Each phase of the citation building process ensures completeness and consistency.

The 5 phases of our citation building process.

1. Verification of the supplied information

We begin by verifying that the client’s information is correct and complete. If any inconsistencies are found, between the client supplied information and what is currently listed online, we immediately contact the client for further verification. It is essential that all listings contain the same information as complete and comprehensive listings improve Local rankings.

2.Check for existing Local Directory Citations

As we are building your Local Directory Citations, we check each individual directory to ensure that there is not an existing listing prior to entering any information. If an existing listing is found, we look for any NAP inconsistencies and make any necessary corrections. This manual discovery of pre-existing listings eliminates duplicate listings.

3. Optimize Pictures & Create Social Media Profiles

If provided, we optimize your company’s logo and pictures. If you don’t already have social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel, we will create them for you.

4. Citations Building!

We do not use software to generate Business Directory Listing. All citation building is done manually. This process allows us to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Business Directory Listing that are complete and comprehensive have higher Local ranking.

5. Send you a report

Once we have completed the citation building process, we will send you a detailed report. The report will contain a list of all the URLs to all of the listings we created, the status of each listing (approved, pending, already listed), your usernames and passwords for the sites, and any additional comments. The reports are available in both Excel or PDF formats.

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Client Check List

We ask our clients to review the following checklist, developed from our years of Local SEO experience, when initiating a citation building campaign. It is designed to ensure that your campaign gets the best possible results.

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