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Have you checked out our new creative design and easy order form for (Single & Bulk orders) at We are proud to introduce exceptional quality yet cost-effective citation building services especially in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and (All countries) for both business owners and SEO agencies.

At we offer the chance to have your business listed in top directories. You can choose a custom number of the best directories from our extensive list. Every order comes with a detailed report of the places that we have submitted your business to as well as all the log-in information.

We offer cost-effective prices and the highest quality on the planet. You will enjoy our Citation Services Features and Easy Ordering method no matter what size the order, be it bulk or otherwise. offers Citation Building services in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. We have a database of over 300+ known and working citation sites.

We are proud to introduce a detailed article summarizes our citation services features and explaining why it’s exceptional quality and accurate services.

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Our Team of citation building experts follows an advanced citation building process:

1. Review your business details.

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Our citation building experts begins with verifying your business’ details to ensure that we have been provided with all the necessary information. We then compare that information to your Google+ Local profile’s details to ensure that they are consistent.

2. Optimize Pictures & Create Social Media Profiles.

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Our citation building experts optimize any pictures and your logo with the provided keywords. If you don’t already have social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube Channel, we will create them for you.

3. Find niche directories.

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We conduct a quick search and find niche directories related to not only your industry but your geographic location as well. Niche directories are very important to rise above your competitors.

4. Check each directory for already listed listings.

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Before submitting a new listing in any directory, Our citation building experts conduct a search by business name, phone, and address to make sure that your business isn’t listed on this directory. Because duplication may have a negative impact on your local ranking, this step is very important.

5. Add new listings for your business.

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Only after we make sure that your business isn’t listed, we begin adding a new listing for your business and upload all business details such as name, phone, address, website, logo, images, etc.

6. Fill in the project detailed report.

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Our skilled team will fill in the project detailed report step by step. Your report includes all directories, live URLs for new listings, their statues (pending for approval listings), already listed listings with the link, usernames, and passwords, in addition to comments or messages from each directory.

7. Work with clients to verify listings by phone.

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Our citation building experts will notify you how to verify a listing by phone or postcard. It’s a simple process and it requires replying to phone calls from directories and receives postcards with PIN codes and verifies the listing. Examples of these directories are, Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local,, Yellowpages .com, and more…

8. Follow (pending for approval) listings and get the live URL.

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After sending the client the full report, Our citation building experts update the report again within 10 days with live URLs of the pending for approval listings. Finding the live URL depends on the directory managers, some directories approve the listing and some directories decline it without providing any reasons.


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How We Do Citation Building ?

Citation Building Group will list your business in over 300 directories including Yelp,Yellow Pages, and Google. Citation Building Group is a sure-fire way to expand your business by having it be seen more prominently in directory searches. This will generate many more leads that you can turn into profit. Citation Building for a local business as a part of the SEO is a time-consuming process. Years of experience have trained us the business secrets. We follow a careful process with each citation building project.

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