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Citation Building Service is an international citation building service.

Although we provide our services globally, currently our clients are concentrated in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore. We have exclusive lists for each of those five countries.

Our continually growing international list, currently at 60, encompasses countries such as UAE, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zeeland and many more.

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Why do business owners need citations for their business?

Search engines, such as Google, love citations well most of them anyways. The credibility of a citations source is directly related to how favorable a citation is to Google. Citations that come from less than reputable sources can have a negative impact on how Google ranks a business. However, citations that come from reputable sources verify the reliability that the business does exist and therefore they have a positive impact on how Google ranks a business in a local search. The more credible citations a business has the higher the business will rank in a local search.