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A+ Local Citations Service

Here at CitationBuildingGroup.com, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver Local Citations Service to your business and ensure that your company shows up ranking high in search engine results. Our team of experts are experienced and knowledgeable in local SEO strategies, which makes them well-equipped to build quality citations. With our citation building services, businesses can quickly build their online reputation with search engines like Google and boost their online rankings.

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Utilizing A Quality Local Citations Services

Over the years, Citation Building Group has developed an exclusive directory list that contains over 300+ of the best directories for the United States alone in addition to lists for the UK, Canada, and Australia. Our expert team has the knowledge to choose the directories that will provide your business with the most optimal Local Citations Services.

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Add New Listings

Our team will create quality local citations for your business in the directories that don’t currently have your listing.

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Find Existing Listings

We conduct research on each business directory to find your listing(s) and ensure it’s correct and accurate and avoid creating duplicates.

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Claim Listings 

Our expert team will claim, edit and update any existing listings with incorrect NAP or missing business information.

We are one of the most effective Local Citations Service Providers in the Digital Market.

Let Us Take On The Work That Distract Your Team –  CitationBuildingGroup.com PRO LISTING Service Includes
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Our professional team does their work manually, We don’t use any software or submission tools to create citations.

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We complete each citation project within a short period of time 7 to 14 days only. For extra fast delivery please notify us.

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Every order comes with a detailed report of the places where we have submitted your business and the login details.

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We are happy to White label our Citation Building Service & other SEO service's reports which you can resell to your clients.

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CitationBuildingGroup offers the highest quality and the most cost-effective prices for Local Citations Services on the Internet.

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Choose from our extensive custom list of directories where you would like your business to be listed.


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High DA Directories

We use the best directories with high DA and no Spam score. Our directory submission list is constantly updated.

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Ability to list each business manually to 300+ U.S local citations directories, apps, desktop and mobile sites.

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We optimize the business description add back-links to your website on each listing. We optimize photos as well.

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We suggest the most appropriate citations sources for your business and you can hand-pick the specific sites you want.

We Mainly Offer Our Local Citation Services to Companies Based In

United State
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United Kingdom
Australian Business Directory

Citations Packages & Pricing

Get Listed today for a one time payment of only $0.4/Listing!



7 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission



10 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission



10 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission



14 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission



14 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission



14 Days Turnaround Time

5% Bulk Discount

Update Pending Listings

Detailed Report

Optimized Listings

Manual Submission

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If any listing is removed for any reason within 30 days of receiving your report, we’ll replace it with a new listing!

What is “Citation Building”?

A citation is a reference to your local business. This reference includes all of your business details such as name, address, phone, description, website, keywords, hours of operations, payment methods, logo, and images with links to your website that results in higher search engine rankings locally. You don’t have to understand complicated algorithms or how search engines rank pages. CitationBuildingGroup.Com will do all of the work for you.
Most businesses do not have the time to manage and maintain their citation building, which is one of the reasons why hiring local citations services to handle not only your optimization but these services as well can provide you with a great deal of benefits. For SEO agencies, you want to optimize your customer’s websites and marketing strategies and your own processes. This is why it is a good idea to engage a citation building service. You supply the information and the service handles ensuring that the information is submitted to the right places.

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Increase Your Online & Offline Traffic with Local Citations

Changes in search algorithms have made it easier than ever for small businesses to harness the power of search via local citations– resulting in high page rank, increased visitors, and more conversions

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Local citations play an important role in increasing online and offline traffic for businesses. They can help boost a client’s local search performance, increase web traffic, and make it easier for customers to find them. Thomas Stern discusses five essential components of local optimization that businesses can use to increase their online exposure and drive offline traffic to stores. Businesses should never underestimate the power of local citations when it comes to improving their online presence and generating more customers.

By appearing higher in the search results, businesses can make it easier for customers to find them. Agencies can boost their clients’ local search performance by utilizing local search citations, while a local citation service can manage the citations a business already has, as well as increase their number by adding them to reputable directories. 

It’s time to take control of your local business listings and increase your company’s visibility with Local Citation Building Services. Contact US today for any questions related to our citation building service.


Get a Wonderful Website For your Business!


A Solid Local SEO Strategy That Guarantees Results

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Your Local Citations Package Includes Also…

Easy two-step process: First Step, provide us with your business information and the Second step is to Submit your payment via PayPal. Upon completion, a detailed report is generated including all the citations created and the login information for those listings.
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Easy Order Process

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Your Brand

White-labeled Reports

We Are The Best Choice For SEO Agencies

Here at Citation Building Group, we pride ourselves in providing SEO agencies, with a cost-effective Local citations services.
We understand that SEO agencies optimize their clients’ businesses through Local SEO strategies and that citation building is one of those strategies. Contracting Citation Building Group to handle your clients’ Local Citations will allow you to focus on the other Local SEO marketing strategies. You supply us with your client’s information and our expert team will immediately begin working on the citation submissions

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