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Here at CitationBuildingGroup.com, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver Local Business Directory Listing Service to your business and ensure that your company shows up ranking high in search engine results.

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Over the years, Citation Building group has developed an exclusive directory list that contains over 300 of the best directories for the United States alone. Our expert team has the knowledge to choose the directories that will provide your business with the most optimal results.

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Service Features

  • Detailed Reporting

    Every order comes with a detailed report of the places that we have submitted your business to as well as all the log-in information.

  • 300+ Citation Sites

    Ability to list each business manually to 300+ U.S local searches, directories, apps, desktop and mobile sites.

  • Optimized Listings

    Ability to optimize and "spin" description add back-links to your website on each listing and optimize pictures & create social media profiles.

  • Hand-pick Directories

    We suggest the most appropriate citations sources for your business and you can hand-pick the specific sites you want to be added to.

New Package, 6 Types Of Citations


100 Regular Citations

05 Social Media Citations

05 High Rating Reviews

20 Image Citations

05 Video Citations

05 Web 2.0 Citations


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200 Regular Citations

10 Social Media Citations

10 High Rating Reviews

30 Image Citations

10 Video Citations

10 Web 2.0 Citations


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300 Regular Citations

15 Social Media Citations

15 High Rating Reviews

40 Image Citations

15 Video Citations

15 Web 2.0 Citations


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Fixed Price Per Citation $0.40 , Get Started Here ..

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Increase Your Online & Offline Traffic with Local Citations

Changes in search algorithms have made it easier than ever for small businesses to harness the power of search via local business directories – resulting in high page rank, increased visitors, and more conversions

Well, citations help you build prominence. It's a kind of important Google’s local search document states or factors it uses to determine local ranking.

Prominence refers to how well-known your business information is online.

Increase Your Online and Offline Traffic with Local Business Listings

This information includes links, articles and anything search engines can find about your business in directories—or citation information

Google, Yahoo and Bing all use this information to list your business in local searches.

It’s time to take control of your local business listings and increase your company’s visibility with Local Citation Building services.

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Main Directories, Local Directories & Niche Directories

Establish a consistent business listing in the best databases like, Yellowpages, Insiderpages and niche directories that are related to your business category.We help your business to establish a consistent business listing in local directories based in your city and state.

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Monthly Citation Package

We offers citation building service on a monthly basis thus allowing SEO agencies to coordinate the use of our service with the length of your contract with your client. You can easily set up a monthly citation package for all of your clients at Citation Building Group. Build citations on a monthly basis.

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Help local search engines—and new customers—find your business online.

All you have to do is enter your business location data, We do the rest. Citation Building Group creates and maintains superior online listing on 300+ sites and directories that factor most into local search engine results.

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30 Strong Social Profiles - Rich Media Citations For Only $30

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Your package includes also...

Easy two-step process: First provide us with your business information and then Submit your payment via PayPal, *Now Offering* bulk ordering allowing SEO agencies and business owners with multiple location to initiate bulk orders easily, Upon completion, a detailed report is generated includes all the citations were created and the login information for those listings.

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Unique and Real High Rating Reviews For Only $2/Review

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We are the best choice for SEO agencies

Here at Citation Building Group, we pride ourselves in providing SEO agencies, with a cost- effective citation building service.
We understand that SEO agencies optimize their clients’ businesses through Local SEO strategies and that citation building is one of those strategies. Contracting Citation Building Group to handle your clients’ online business directory submissions will allow you to focus on the other Local SEO marketing strategies. You supply us with your clients’ information and our expert team will immediately begin working on the citation submissions.

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The #1 Resource for Listing Your Business

Recommended by marketing professionals and business owners across the nation.
Localized marketing online using search engines as a source to discover your business, products and services. Establish a local presence in your area, online by utilizing our quality local directory listing service.

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