How to Place your order?

Our ordering process is very straight forward and requires no registration.

Through years of experience of providing Citation Building services, we at have developed a virtually seamless process for building citations. We would like to share this with you so that you understand the behind the scenes activity once you place your order. The campaign begins by asking the customer to provide us with very detailed information about your business. We ask for the complete business name, address, phone number(s), and a detailed description of what the business does. We ask for the business’ logo. Pictures are requested as well, they can be of the building, the staff, or a product that you manufacture/sell. Once we have obtained all the relevant business information we begin working on the campaign.

We begin by verifying that all the information supplied by the customer is correct and complete. We need to ensure that the NAP listed with Google Places is exactly the same as the information that we are about to enter into online business listing sites. If we find that, there is a discrepancy, all progress on the campaign is halted and we contact the customer immediately to verify the information. One the verification is complete we resume the campaign.

How to Place your order?

  • You can initiate your order three ways: From our Home page by clicking on the “Order Now” button, from our Order Now page and by manual submission.
  • Complete the business information form.
  • The minimum requirement for bulk orders is 3 locations or businesses.
  • Choose the country and number of citations you are requesting to be submitted.
  • Pay by PayPal.
  • You’re done.
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How We Do Citation Building ?

Citation Building Group will list your business in over 300 directories including Yelp,Yellow Pages, and Google. Citation Building Group is a sure-fire way to expand your business by having it be seen more prominently in directory searches. This will generate many more leads that you can turn into profit. Citation Building for a local business as a part of the SEO is a time-consuming process. Years of experience have trained us the business secrets. We follow a careful process with each citation building project.

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