How it works?

  • Click on “Order Now” button.
  • Choose Country.
  • Choose number of submissions.
  • Upload your business info. into our form.
  • Proceed to check out.
  • Pay through Paypal and you’re done

How much does Citation Building Service cost?

Each directory submission costs US $0.5. You can purchase 25 submissions and can purchase up to 300 submissions at one time.

How do I pay for the Citation Building Service?

Payment is currently handled via Paypal. Full payment for each campaign is required upfront. 

Do I get a discount on Bulk orders

Of-course yes, you get a bulk discount on bulk orders %5 off.

Do you offer new submissions and claiming of existing listings?

Yes we can do both of these. New submissions are very straight forward. Claiming or editing of existing listings is more complicated and the approach depends on the directory in question. Some directories allow email verification for claiming listings while others require phone verification. When the directory ask for a phone verification this will be your job.

What happens if you find my listing on a directory?

We always look to see if you have an existing listing before we submit to a directory. If we find a listing and the core information is correct then we will skip it and submit you to a different (‘Replacement’) directory. This means that you always get the same number of submissions you paid for and NO Duplication.

How is each submission handled?

Our submissions are all done manually. We have a Citations team (30+ people) who handle all campaigns. We have a very tried & tested approach to submissions and deep knowledge of the directories and citation sites we use. These are the key steps we take for each campaign – – Identify appropriate citations for your business (See more below) – Create unique campaign email account for verification – Check to see if your business is already listed on a directory – Submit business details to directory – Click link in verification email to complete submission – Capture details in report & grab profile URL if listing is created instantly – Provide customer with details of email account(s) & passwords used

What information do you submit to directories?

We submit main business contact details, business address details, a description of services,keywords, categories, hours of operation, payment methods, special offer/coupon and up to 4 logos and photos.

Do you guarantee that submissions will result in live listings?

We do not control the publishing policies of the directories we submit to but If you allow us to use our list of directories, we can guarantee listings. We do prioritise directories which offer instant or fast listings and those which are high value sites. When we show you the list of appropriate directories for your business we put these sites at the top.

How many live listings should I expect to receive?

We expect 80% of submissions to result in live listings.

How do you verify new submissions/listings?

We create a unique email account on either Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. We then create user accounts on each directory using these unique email accounts. Any verification emails are sent to these unique email addresses and we clicks on the verification links in the emails to complete the submissions. Also we can forward this email to your personal email after finishing our job.

Which directories required telephone verification?

The current ‘known’ list of sites includes Yelp (sometimes), Citysearch.com, Yellowbook.com, Yellowbot.com, Citysquares and superpages.com

How do you choose which sites are part of your Citation Database?

We have done some extensive research into which sites appear in Google’s citation index. We now edit & update this list with intelligence gathered from out Citation Tracker tool. All the sites we submit to offer free submission/listing which allows us to keep campaign costs low. We gather additional data about these diectories/sites such as their Domain Authority (i.e. Page Rank) and apply our own Citation Value rating based on our research. We prioritise the directories based on their citation value (high value first) and also if they offer an instant listing or fast listing.

How do you identify the right Business Listing Service for my business?

This is a 3 step process – -We look to see where you’re already listed online. -We conduct a search using your ‘Location’ and ‘Business Category’ to return appropriate citation opportunities. -We conduct another search using your ‘Location’ and ‘Business Category’ to find your competitor’s citations and do citations on it. 

Can I have a list of the directories and citation sites you use?

We can’t supply the full list until you make your order because it’s pretty valuable to us! But we can show you an indicative set of directories so you know they types of sites we use. 

How do I follow the status of my project ?

We will update you two times. First time when we receive your order and Second time when we finish your order. 

Will you notify me when the project is finished?

Yes, of course. You will receive a notification e-mail message to your e-mail that you used upon registering. 

What is the average duration to finish each project?

The average duration to finish each project ranges between four days to 14 days maximum. It depends on the required number of submissions and our work load. It also differs when you start a bulk citation building order so we will let you know if we need more time. 

In which countries do you offer your services?

We offer our citation building services in five countries (USA- UK – Canada – Australia – Singapore) and we are working to expand our services to include more countries very soon. 

Do you optimize all Business Listings and How?

  • Yes for sure, we optimize all listings by choosing the best categories, adding all keywords in all available fields, optimizing the company description very well and optimizing photos.
  • We don’t just create listings for spiders to scrape, we create listings that rank. We know how to make the most of each listing and have tested and concentrate on many factors with each listing wherever possible. Some of those factors include:
    • Influencing of Title Tags and Page URL’s
    • Multiple Photos per listing, file named and tagged/captioned with keywords
    • Additional Links to other pages and properties and added in content links
    • Completeness of listings and inclusion of additional information and keywords.
    • Make sure your listing is complete and accurate. We make sure that your business name, physical address, and phone number(s) are correct.
    • Make sure your business location is entered correctly on the map so users can find you easily.
    • List your authoritative and official business website on your Places listing, since Google uses information from your website to help improve search results.
    • Include images and videos to help your listing stand out.
    • Add information such as opening hours and payment types to help users choose among search results.
    • Choose the most appropriate, specific categories for your business. We pick a category from the list of suggestions to help Google to show your business for the right searches (and we enter your own category if the directory doesn’t suggest one that fits your business).
    • Establishing a strong, accurate presence on the web.

What Makes Our Citations Superior To Any Others?

-No Duplicate Listings, We only list on the sites if your business isn’t exist. We check for all your current listings. Very few, if any other services offer this.
-The Highest Quality Sites. Each listing has it’s own page and unique URL. Not sharing a page with other listings such as category page listings. There are many many sites that do not meet our quality standards.
-Each Listing is Completed Manually and With Care. We visit each site individually and create optimized listings. Many services submit information to a handful of sites and wait for data to be scraped by other sites, creating incomplete automated listings they spent no time on.
-Many of the sites we create listings on do provide data to others so chances are you will get other listings in the following months in addition to the 50 manually created by us.



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How We Do Citation Building ?

Citation Building Group will list your business in over 300 directories including Yelp,Yellow Pages, and Google. Citation Building Group is a sure-fire way to expand your business by having it be seen more prominently in directory searches. This will generate many more leads that you can turn into profit. Citation Building for a local business as a part of the SEO is a time-consuming process. Years of experience have trained us the business secrets. We follow a careful process with each citation building project.

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